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Available in Los Angeles area

Fresh, Organic,

Gluten & Dairy Free 

Hola! Here is a Detail of what my tacos are about !

We are quality not quantity, sharing my Latin roots, flavors, love, passion through my food …and of course good vibes!

I use all fresh ingredients, always use organic ingredients largely . My food is all gluten and dairy free, we cook high heat griddle with non GMO grape seed oil and all other food preparation with organic olive oil. We season with Himalaya salt, organic garlic, Paprika, black pepper 


What’s Included


I will provide:

  • Handmade 100% Organic regular, yellow or blue corn tortillas
  • organic mix green lettuce
  • Organic beans and rice,
  • Guacamole (~2 quarts) extra guacamole is $30
  • Chips
  • Taco condiments (cilantro, onions, pickle jalapeño & carrots, lime, and salt)

Choice of 2 protein options:

1. All Beef Chorizo and potato
2. Carne Asada = steak (grass feed)
3. Pollo = white meat chicken (organic)
4. Seafood = shrimp, salmon (wild caught)or tilapia
5. Vegan = Organic soy Chorizo and potato,
6.Vegan Yuca “cassava “,
7.Vegan nopales (cactus) fajitas
8.Squash veggies fajitas.
9.Vegan Jamaica Guisado “hibiscus stew”

Choice of 2 salsas:

1. A no spicy roasted tomato salsa (kid friendly)
2. Mild avocado tomatillo salsa verde
3. Very hot habanero salsa
4.Hot Enchilada salsa (best for chips)
If you want a 3rd extra salsa is $25 more

Choice of 2 types of Agua frescas:

(These come in a glass barrels and are made with organic sugar, and Alkaline water only.)
1. Jamaica = Hibiscus
2. Limonada azteca = cucumber ,chia seed, kale,spinach, chard,lime, lemon, sugar
3. Vegan Horchata = rice water base, cinnamon, raw cashews, raw almonds coconut sugar
4.Tamarindo = Tamarind
5.Watermelon , cucumber,Mint juice (no added water or sugar)
6.organic 100% Thai coconut, pineapple,,virgin Piña colada juice with unsweetened coconut flakes
(No sugar or water added)
All made with Alkaline Agua
If you want a 3rd extra Agua Fresca is
$30 more

For a 3rd extra meat is $ 60 for a party of

We offer Fish ceviche with tostadas on the side $60

Vegan ceviche made with or with out Tofu will provide tostadas on the side $50

Because I also care about our pachamama planet I provide all eco friendly plates, cups, and utensils. I will be serving tacos for 2 hours, and I will need at least 40 to 1 hour to set up and about same time to wrap up and Go


Catering starts at $25 per person for a minimum of 40 people. Contact us in advance for larger parties.


In order to reserve your date, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required. Payable with cash or check only, no credit cards.


We only allow rescheduling in cases of natural disaster or a death in the family. You will have one year from your original date to reschedule.

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1105 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd.
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